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For me when I go to a cafe it is important that it has its own little thing going on, something that makes it spesial, something i won’t find anywhere else. Whether this is connected to the food, location or theame. However the most important thing is that they have good food and coffee, tea or whatever else you like to drink.

It Friendly staff is also important, because how wants to grab a coffee somewhere the staff is being rude!?

Another thing i personly like is if it is not to busy when i am there, because that gives me more peace and quiet to think and write. Hahaha, but that is just how I like it. In general I have a cuple of places I love going to, but I try not to go there to often. Don’t want to spend all my money on food, or I do, but I can’t! However I a always up for trying a new cool place, but these three are my current favorites!

Coffee exchange

I Found this place a cuple of weeks ago, I  remembered that there were some cafes along little collins street close to parlament station, so I thougth I would try a new one, and the food was good and the staff was really nice and friendly.

The café is located on 9/1 little collins st, Melbourne CBD, in between some other cute cafés, and is always a good spot to grab a coffee or a bite to eat. One of my favorite things about this place is the orange jucie, it just tastes so freash, and that is all you need on a hot summer day!

image image 

Too many Cheafs

What makes this place so great is rainbow lattes, they make your coffee all happy and colorful, witch makes drinking coffee even better. And dosent need a boost of color in their life?

You find this little café next to the North Brigton train station on 305 Bay St. They also have a lot of other drink options like smoothies, cold pressed jucies and some interesting coffee options. However you should not leave without trying one of the filled cookies they sell there, but be warned, you will want more then one.

image image

St Kilda Dispensary

I was introdused to this cafe by a friend, and after my first visit I fell complytly in love with this place. It is located on 13 Brighton Rd, St Kilda, rigth next to the tram stop, conveniently enough. One thing that make this such a great place is it is unike vibe, it is inspiered by the actual dispensary that used to be there, which is noticeable in the whole presentation of the place. From the menus saying “Todays prescription” to scrolls with a syringe sticking out filled with caramel.

image image

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